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October 4, 2015
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October 17, 2015

Migrating From Godaddy Managed WordPress to SiteGround

After finding that I can use CloudFlare to CDN my WordPress site, adding SSL and a variety of other features, I started poking around with my Godaddy managed WordPress service. I need to install SSL/TLS to the backend to protect the communications end-to-end. I couldn’t find anything about SSL other than purchasing a certificate from Godaddy for $70/yr.

Someone from Reddit suggested that RapidSSL sells certificates for $1.99, which doesn’t seem to be true…at least not today. The cheapest reseller I can find is still roughly $7/yr. That’s not bad, but I’m still shooting for free until Let’s Encrypt comes online. Let’s face it, SSL is not the most important thing in the world to this small blog and hosting is expensive enough already. Let’s Encrypt will bring free SSL to all, so why throw money away?

The disappointing part of Godaddy Managed WordPress is that per support, they do not support any SSL certificates other than those they sell (@$70/yr). I cannot take advantage of CloudFlare’s acceptance of self-signed SSL. Nor can I take advantage of any other providers discounted certificates via Godaddy’s services. Godaddy requiring the use of their certificates is enough to make my shop around for a new provider.

After an hour or so of reading various blog postings about the best providers, I settled on migrating from Godaddy Managed WordPress to SiteGround. I contacted SiteGround’s support team via chat and they confirmed that they will allow self-signed certificates. There are no means to install SSL certificates from the customer side (so I was told by support), but their support team will install them on the server via a support ticket.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve selected SiteGround is that they are a big player in the managed WordPress market. They were mentioned in every blog post as a contender and they have a focus on this product. While they do offer other services, their offerings are limited in comparison to those of Godaddy.

I’ve created an account and am waiting for the SiteGround support team to complete the migration from Godaddy to their service. I’m looking forward to having a dedicated WordPress provider’s expert management and assistance in the near future. I’ll post more once the migration is complete.

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